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The Full Story On How I Started

My name is Leslie and I am the owner of Simple Care Organic Soaps or SCOS for short. I am a full time mom and the only one running this shop. This is my story...

I started making soaps as a hobby. Using the Melt and Pour process was easy for me to get the hang of it. M y family slowly switched from store bought, big brand company soaps to the ones I was making at home. Since I noticed they did like the soaps I was making, I started searching for a better and healthier way to maintain our skin. Therefore, I found the Cold Process method. Even though I knew I was using an organic base for my melt and pour soaps I wanted something better for my family. So, I talked with a friend that has been making soaps for years and she taught me the basics. Till this day she still gives me advice and tips on how to make my soaps improve. I jumped into the Cold process method and quickly started creating recipes to make great and amazing soaps for my family and friends.

Learning about the ingredients and its benefits helped me realize that I have FULL control over what to use. There are no harsh chemicals, no added detergents (which strip the skin of its natural oils) and any other ingredients I add may increase the benefits to love my skin.

My go to ingredients are Olive oil, Cacao butter, African shea butter and Coconut oil. Using these plant based elements allows me to offer Vegan soaps for everyone. It is an honor for me to be able to make something that will allow my family and friends to have glowing healthier skin.

I invite you to try them. Join us today and subscribe to my Newsletter. You will be the first to know what is happening in my shop.


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