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Simple Care Organic Soaps has a mission to help you get better healthier skin. I believe that everyone deserves to cleanse and care for their skin with a safe and harsh chemical free soap. To help improve your mind, body and soap!

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Boxed Gift Sets

Carefully curated gift boxes featuring handmade products to uplift mind, body, and soul. 

Treat yourself or a friend to a new self care routine. 

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Super cute, fast shipping, family absolutely loved them.



The Answers You Need

What makes a soap vegan?

Vegan soaps contain plant based ingredients. Avoiding animal products such as lard, tallow, gelatin and lanolin

Is vegan soap good for the skin?

Conventional soaps contain hazardous products that can irritate your skin or dry it out. On the other hand vegan soaps may have healing properties, it is not made in a lab, it is made with all natural ingredients.

How should soap be stored?

It is recommended that after each use you store your soap on a dry place. Using a soap dish may help keep your soap dry and will last longer. We offer convenient wooden soap trays and soap saving mesh bags.

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